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Sage 50 iPhone Server

For those that have downloaded the Sage 50 for iPhone app (available now for free on the app store here) this link will allow you to download the server component which is needed for the app to work.

Link here

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S50 Remote viewer and Server now Free

Both the iphone app and server software are now freely available.

The iphone app is available here and you can get the server by entering your email below

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Marketing Strategies App on the app store

OK so I recently attended an excellent 3 day course on marketing with some of the brightest marketing minds on the planet. Truth is this app was actually released before I went on the course as I have been studying marketing/copywriting for many years as well as running google adwords campaigns for myself and other people’s businesses.

As I work in the SME sector I am acutely aware of the issues facing small business owners. Hopefully this app gives you concise, cost effective and actionable things to implement within yur business.


Go check it out here

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Learn Copywriting and Essential Marketing Strategies

Serious about growing your business or perhaps understanding how you can radically increase revenue on your advertsing spend without spending any more money? Then you must attend EADIM 2011, a 3 day marketing event this October in London to meet, and learn from, a legend in the field of direct marketing and copywriting, the unimitable Drayton Bird.

You will receive a full year’s education kicked off by three days of live training in London by internationally recognised teachers and practitioners. Many are regarded as the authorities in their field of expertise.

This is followed by an interactive series of webinars.

At the end of this course, you will understand the principles and practice of direct and interactive marketing for any product or service.

You will also know how to deal confidently with any of the processes and decisions that lead to successful campaigns and greater profit.

Upon successful completion you will:

  • Understand the principles, strategies and tactics of direct and interactive marketing, online and off
  • Know how to establish and manage a marketing budget for optimum Return on Investment
  • Know how to plan, implement and evaluate successful campaigns – online and offline
  • Be able to exploit data and build profitable relationships with your customers
  • Have a broad understanding of all aspects of direct and interactive marketing in all media, for all normal types of organisation in all circumstances
  • Understand what makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful creative in all media – and know how to judge it
  • Know what is happening in all the latest media and forms of marketing

Get on board for this years course NOW and for further details check out the full details here.

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Modulus Training is a scam

Just a heads up really if you are an IT company looking to train your staff give Modulus Training a very wide berth. I was supposed to be on a 3 day course this week for which I paid over a £1000 for and long story short, I’ve been conned.

What basically happened was I found the course, The course looked exactly what I was looking for. So I booked it, and then was told a course induction pack would be sent. I waited, and waited.

Thursday before the Royal Wedding still no pack and I was due to attend to the course on the Tuesday so started chasing hard. Was told, O delegates have dropped out will have to postpone for a couple of weeks, I could go on that course I get a refund. In the meantime I found this site setup by another disgruntled punter.

Bottom line is this, DO NOT pay for any training from Modulus Training, they will not deliver!

As the businessman (or should that be scammer?) behind is about 20 minutes away from me I’m paying him a visit.

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iPhone Connect for Sage 50 Back on the App Store

Last year when I realeased S50 Remote the mobile solution for Sage on your iPhone there were some stumbling blocks for users. The biggest issue was being able to configure routers to allow external access to your company LAN. So with this in mind I set about thinking how to overcome this issue.

The first solution had me making timed extracts of the Sage data into a mySQL database so that data could be accessed from the web. Then  considered the fact that many businesses do not like the idea of their data being in the ‘cloud’. So the only other alternative is to allow you to dump your Sage data onto a database on your iphone and then access the data directly from the device when you or your staff are on the road. No more router configuration issues, no privacy issues and your Sage data in your pocket! You can find more details here.


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Alerts and Notifications

Following on from the resurrection of eCredit the automated credit control tool I had a conversation with a client who was enquiring about being able to have an event or a change in the Sage data trigger an automatic email to one or more customers. This got me thinking about a generic alerts system where a user can define some parameters and when a value or status changes have an automatic email or even SMS sent to one or more external recipients or to internal staff.

Now something like this does exist in the guise of BPM (Business Process Modelling) or workflow. These solutions are typically expensive and need alot of configuration. My thinking is that you have something that is simpler and user friendly but acheives the same end goal. If this is something of interest please get in touch.

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Got a burning question?

I receive enquiries via email and sometimes via comments on the site. Unfortunately I get so many spam comments the genuine ones get lost. To combat this I thought putting this contact form in a prominent position would help you if you have any questions/enquries regarding the Sage products or integration or even bespoke development.

Please use this form to get in touch.

[contact-form 1 "Contact form 1"]


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Chasing Your Tail or Chasing Your Money?

Getting paid on time is a constant frustration for any business. Seven years ago I developed an add-on for Sage 50 (and Instant) that automatically sends email reminders to customers with overdue invoices. At the time it had limited success due mainly to lack of email addresses being held in the system.

Fast forward 11 years and many organisations are try to do everything electronically to be kind to the environment and streamline processes. Perhaps now eCredit the automated credit control tool can help your business, you can read more here.

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Sage 50 to mySQL

I am getting alot of requests lately in exporting data from Sage to mySQL as an automatic process. I now have a beta running and would like to invite anyone who needs this functionality to please get in touch. This will extract all Sage 50 data on a schedule you determine. This will enable you to export the data to either a local/network or even Internet hosted copy of mySQL.

The reason for doing this is two-fold;

I have customers with large datasets starting to encounter performance issues (they are on the verge of outgrowing Sage 50)

There were customers having issues getting the server part of the Sage 50 for iPhone solution configured. Now there will be a central secure repository (at where this application will export your data and the iphone app will connect to this site with your credentials to allow you to view your Sage data on the go.

Of course with the data in a full relational database there are all sorts of possibilites in terms of integration/customisation!

Just send an email to mysqlbeta at

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