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S50 Remote viewer and Server now Free

Both the iphone app and server software are now freely available.

The iphone app is available here and you can get the server by entering your email below

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Marketing Strategies App on the app store

OK so I recently attended an excellent 3 day course on marketing with some of the brightest marketing minds on the planet. Truth is this app was actually released before I went on the course as I have been studying marketing/copywriting for many years as well as running google adwords campaigns for myself and other people’s businesses.

As I work in the SME sector I am acutely aware of the issues facing small business owners. Hopefully this app gives you concise, cost effective and actionable things to implement within yur business.


Go check it out here

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Learn Copywriting and Essential Marketing Strategies

Serious about growing your business or perhaps understanding how you can radically increase revenue on your advertsing spend without spending any more money? Then you must attend EADIM 2011, a 3 day marketing event this October in London to meet, and learn from, a legend in the field of direct marketing and copywriting, the unimitable Drayton Bird.

You will receive a full year’s education kicked off by three days of live training in London by internationally recognised teachers and practitioners. Many are regarded as the authorities in their field of expertise.

This is followed by an interactive series of webinars.

At the end of this course, you will understand the principles and practice of direct and interactive marketing for any product or service.

You will also know how to deal confidently with any of the processes and decisions that lead to successful campaigns and greater profit.

Upon successful completion you will:

  • Understand the principles, strategies and tactics of direct and interactive marketing, online and off
  • Know how to establish and manage a marketing budget for optimum Return on Investment
  • Know how to plan, implement and evaluate successful campaigns – online and offline
  • Be able to exploit data and build profitable relationships with your customers
  • Have a broad understanding of all aspects of direct and interactive marketing in all media, for all normal types of organisation in all circumstances
  • Understand what makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful creative in all media – and know how to judge it
  • Know what is happening in all the latest media and forms of marketing

Get on board for this years course NOW and for further details check out the full details here.

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iPhone Connect for Sage 50 Back on the App Store

Last year when I realeased S50 Remote the mobile solution for Sage on your iPhone there were some stumbling blocks for users. The biggest issue was being able to configure routers to allow external access to your company LAN. So with this in mind I set about thinking how to overcome this issue.

The first solution had me making timed extracts of the Sage data into a mySQL database so that data could be accessed from the web. Then  considered the fact that many businesses do not like the idea of their data being in the ‘cloud’. So the only other alternative is to allow you to dump your Sage data onto a database on your iphone and then access the data directly from the device when you or your staff are on the road. No more router configuration issues, no privacy issues and your Sage data in your pocket! You can find more details here.


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Do you have field staff?

Well my first iPhone application has now passed approval and is available on the app store, you can find out more here. This is a great little app for viewing your customers/suppliers/products as well as sales and purchase orders. It will work anywhere, even if you are in an area that doesn’t have wi-fi or 3g. The app is a viewer only but what I am finding now talking to business owners is that they want to equip field/remote sales staff with the ability to enter orders. The iPhone doesn’t lend itself to any volume of data entry but the soon to be released iPad certainly does and this now becomes a viable proposition.

If you have remote workers that perhaps need to be in close contact with your Sage accounting solution then please get in touch to see what your options are.

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Mobile Sage and iPhone Development

I have just spent the weekend on a gruelling (but a very rewarding) 3 day iphone development bootcamp, big thanks to the instructor Charles ( My first project is to make available all common Sage information on the iPhone. Essentially the project will comprise of two parts; First a small stand-alone web server gets installed on one of your computers and this handles all the requests as well as paging data so you are not waiting for long for the data and secondly the application on the device itself which will give you access to sales, purchase, stock and nominal information.

If this is something of interest I am looking for beta sites (5 in total) who have a need to deliver their Sage information remotely and who will receive their iphone apps and the server portion completely free. If you want to take part simply contact me via the email link on the About page.

Initially I will target Line 50 but as soon as the first build is complete I will be working with 200 and 500/1000 also.

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Sage Explorer and Dashboard

As I get many requests daily for both of the above products (which if you havent grabbed them are free) I do get the occassional problem reported back to me. Either product will work with any version of Sage Line 50 or Sage Instant. The programs work by using the read-only ODBC driver that gets installed along with Sage. Now typically any problems with either program will come down to not being able to find a file called ‘COMPANY’.

This file will reside typically in one of two places. For versions upto 13 (Sage 2007) it will be in

C:\Program Files\Sage\Accounts

For versions 14 and beyond it will typically be in

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sage\Accounts\<version> where version will be 2008, 2009, 2010 etc.

Why is this important? Simply because it is the company file which contains the path to where the Sage data files reside. If this file cannot be found you are on to a non-starter.

So if you are having problems look for a .ini file which will be in the same directory as either application. You can open this using notepad and make sure the homedir= value is set to one of the above directories, or if you have a non standard install then try and locate the file and specify the directory where it resides.

One small further note regarding version numbers. Sage decided to drop the old versioning system of numbers (yeah I know it worked fine) and adopted the (daft) Microsoft strategy of using the year of release as the version. So version 13 became Sage 2007, version 14 became Sage 2008 etc etc. So if you are running version 2010 then the version needs to be 16. For the dashboard the installer hasn’t been updated to include this version but again the .ini file has a setting called version= which can simply be set manually.

I hope this helps resolve any issues.

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Sage Line 50 ODBC

I get alot of requests on how to extract data from Sage Line 50. It always revolves around using the supplied ODBC driver which gets installed along with Sage. However I have taken things a step further and developed what I call ‘Sage 50 Explorer’. This is a visual tool which uses the ODBC driver and allows you to query the data in any Sage table, issue SQL against at and, even better, export the data from any table to a comma separated text file or an Excel spreadsheet.

Best of all its, FREE and will be available early next week for download.

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Do more with(out) Sage

Maybe I should rename this blog to do more without Sage as I do more work with SaaS vendors to provide them with an easy way to migrate their prospects from Line 50 to their own offering. After Kashflow I have now done a wizard for Fusion Accounts and there are two other three other vendors who are now looking to acheive the same.

I should stress this is simply because I am passionate about SME businesses *not* the software they use to run their business. So for me it is about the software delivering maximum benefit and productivity to your business regardless of vendor.

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Sage 50 to Kashflow Export Wizard

I got approached by Kashflow to write a tool to help prospects using Sage 50 easily transfer all their customer, supplier, nominal ledger details along with transactions ready for moving to Kashflow. Kashflow is one of the market leaders in the Software as a Service (Saas) market offering a web based accounting solution ideal for the SME. The tool is a simple wizard which works with all versions of Sage (Line) 50 and Sage Instant and guides users through the export process. Once done it automatically uploads this information to the Kashflow servers ready for use. The kashflow site is here.

You may think it strange that I would get involved in something like this but the answer is simple. I should really rename this blog domorewithsage for the benefit of your business. It is simply about helping businesses acheive the most productivity gains from whatever accounting solution they just, I choose Sage from a purely commercial point of view because it has the biggest user base.

If you want to move data in/out/across/up/down/to/from Sage then why not contact me! I spend alot of time doing work with Sage Line 500/1000 data migration and have recently developed a tool to aid with migrating data into 500/1000. More details are on my other blog here.

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